Changing Lives Through Horses & the Rural Environment


Without conversation, judgement or confrontation, horses offer the most vulnerable amongst us profoundly life-changing experiences.



I-Pegasus CIC

I-Pegasus passionately believes that horses have a remarkable role to play in impacting on young people’s lives when other methods may not have been successful. The equestrian environment provides a powerful way of inspiring young people to connect, improve well-being and become productive members of society through a culture that provides routine, structure, and the natural development of life skills.

A crisis of confidence in their own abilities and future prospects is preventing young people from realising their true potential.

The most effective thing we do is help young people to develop their key life skills; resilience and coping mechanisms that they will need to succeed in education, employment, and ultimately adult life.


Mission Statement

The I-Pegasus team shares a common goal: to provide opportunities in sport, animal and equestrian studies and welfare, education and recreation to improve the health and well being of groups and individuals.  We are committed to collaborating with our rural communities to build and maintain services and experiences which enable our local populations to strengthen their collective resources and create enhanced rural livelihoods and social interaction.  We know that sharing experiences, learning developing, collaborating together has a direct and measurable positive impact on mental and physical wellness.

BHS Changing Lives Through Horses Programme

I-Pegasus is dedicated to sustainably changing the lives of young people through horses.


I Pegasus CIC offers your organisation the opportunity for your learners to experience the benefits of its provision.

Various packages are available, ranging from group training (4 individuals) and one to one sessions. All programmes roll on to suit the individual’s needs.

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Our horses and ponies play an important role in helping people with their education, emotional development and physical growth. By making a donation or sponsoring a pony you help us to provide important these services.




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