What is I-Pegasus?

I-Pegasus CIC

I-Pegasus is a non-profit making community interest company (CIC), founded to deliver the British Horse Society’s Changing Lives Through Horses programme in our locality.

A report produced by the Princes Trust in 2017 shows that more than 25% of young people do not feel in control of their lives and that a crisis of confidence in their own abilities and future prospects prevents them from realising their true potential. This can often manifest itself in challenging behaviour.

The most effective thing we can do is help young people develop their key life skills, resilience and the coping mechanisms they will need to succeed in education, employment and ultimately adult life.

The British Horse Society and I-Pegasus passionately believe that horses play a remarkable role in impacting young people’s lives when other methods may not have been successful. The equestrian environment provides a powerful way of inspiring young people to connect, improve well-being, and become productive members of society through a culture that provides routine, structure, and natural life skills development.

The Changing Lives Through Horses programme is an educational and character-building programme that uses a flexible framework of activity to help develop the vital life skills required by young people to succeed in education, employment and adult life. These include communication, confidence, responsibility, relationships, teamwork and personal achievement. At this time, I-Pegasus is working with almost 100 young people and seeing huge progress.

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Without conversation, judgement or confrontation, the environment has been created to allow a life-changing experience.